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This winter, take a walk on the bright side.

Adelaide’s biggest free program of art, light and technology City Lights is back to turn its most iconic urban landscapes into a high-tech playground of colour and sound.  

Open, accessible, and running nightly from 07 July, Illuminate Adelaide’s flagship centrepiece invites the young and young at heart to explore our beautiful city in a surprising and playful new light. 

Across Adelaide’s north, east and west precincts, City Lights takes in beloved cultural institutions, iconic heritage architecture and secret hidden treasures to curate a night on the town unlike any you’ve experienced before — or ever will again. 

And it’s just getting started. Including an all-new series of installations to discover packed with open-air artworks, interactive sculptures, and boundary-pushing experiments from the world’s most innovative artists, 2023 promises to be the brightest City Lights year yet. 

All you need to do is follow the lights.


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A large inflatable structure in the shape of a human head that is coloured purple and silver is covered in eyes looking outwards, with purple light all around.

North Precinct

East Precinct

West Precinct

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